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The Tuzz Report is a monthly newsletter designed to help individual investors discover undervalued small and micro-cap stocks. Using nearly 20 years of experience earned working for some of Wall Street’s leading institutions, founder and editor, David Tuzzolino, CFA, applies in-depth analysis to stocks underfollowed by the investment community. All recommended companies trade on major U.S. exchanges and are liquid enough for a six figure investment.


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12 monthly issues of the Tuzz Report. Each issue includes:

  • The “Featured Stock of the Month” – an in-depth analysis of our best value idea

  • The stock screen of the month – a screen based on academically proven value criteria, that will generate attractive investment candidates

  • Critical updates on companies featured in previous reports

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Investment Blog

What is Value Investing?

I read my first book on the stock market some time in junior high. Apparently my Atari 2600 was broken that day. I became a voracious reader on the topic, devouring any book I could find that even remotely touched on the subject of investing. That’s twenty plus years immersed in the world of Wall Street terminology. I feel confident that I have a gained pretty good understanding of the investment world and most of the abstract concepts contained within it.

However, value investing can be described many ways and one of the most common questions posed to the Tuzz Report is - "How do you view value investing?" 

Micro-Cap Insider Trading Screen

Tuzz Report subscribers always want to know what insiders are up to. Nothing fancy here, as I simply searched for insider buying in companies with market caps under $200 million. Many of these companies do not get the attention of larger, more liquid names and only serious insider buys are included, as I have set the minimum purchase at $200,000 by either the CFO or CEO, executives that should have especially keen insights. Insiders trying to gain recognition by scooping up $1,000 of company stock every month need not apply. I also wanted the information to be timely so I only included buys between the beginning of the third quarter and now.

The screen criteria:

Maximum market cap of $200 million

Purchase by either the CEO or CFO of > $200,000 over the last three and a half months

Quorum Health (QHC) wins the prize for largest purchases as the company’s CEO and CFO have combined to buy over $1 million in stock. They are not the only insiders taking advantage of a beaten down stock price either as the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Senior Counsel and others have scooped up shares equal to just under $200,000.

Small-Cap Roundtable on Seeking Alpha

I was honored to be included in the Seeking Alpha Marketplace Roundtable: A Look at Small-Cap Investing. It was a two part series and it can be found here and here. I touched on some interesting companies (CRWS and SPAN) that have previously been featured in the Tuzz Report.

Also, featured in the September issue of the newsletter is one of my favorite screens that highlights companies that have a high ROE and are aggressively buying back stock. It has done a very nice job of identifying stocks that have outperformed the Russell 2000 over the last several years.

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