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Can I subscribe to the Tuzz Report by phone?

Yes, you can. If you would like to order the Tuzz Report by phone, please call us at 412-512-5200.

What is the Tuzz Report?

The Tuzz Report is a monthly newsletter designed to help individual investors discover undervalued small and micro-cap stocks. Using nearly 20 years of experience earned working for some of Wall Street’s leading institutions, founder and editor, David Tuzzolino applies in-depth analysis to stocks underfollowed by the investment community. All recommended companies trade on major US exchanges and are liquid enough for a six figure investment.  

Why should I subscribe?

Academic research has shown that by investing in small cap value stocks, investors can outperform the overall market. Finding the ideal investment opportunity in a vast universe of small cap stocks can be difficult and time consuming for the time-strapped individual investor. The Tuzz Report was created to unearth attractive investment candidates that are too small for major Wall Street firms to cover, subject them to in-depth, institutional quality analysis and generate attractive, undervalued investment ideas that will outperform the overall market. As a newsletter, we have the ability to think independently and expand our investment time horizon, free from the potentially, return-damaging pressure that is often present at major investment firms.

What types of stocks are recommended by the Tuzz Report?

Small and micro-cap stocks – under $2 billion

Stocks of companies that likely to outperform, based on academically proven valuation metrics

Stocks that are temporarily out of favor, but poised for a rebound

Stocks that trade on a major US exchange

What will I not find in the Tuzz Report?

This is not a get-rich-quick newsletter claiming a secret sauce that will make you instantly rich. It is not a penny stock pump-and-dump scheme. All of our recommendations are based on extensive research, emphasizing characteristics that have been highlighted as contributing to market beating returns in academic research studies. All of the recommended companies trade on a major US exchange and, at the time of publication, have enough liquidity for a six figure investment.

What if I decide that the Tuzz Report is not for me?

We offer full refunds in the first 30 days of your subscription to the Tuzz Report. After 30 days, refunds are given for any unused portion of your subscription – no questions asked.

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